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The flying islands of Atocitera. Cut from the ground during the Cataclysm and held afloat by the streams of the Flow.

Description and origin.

Many mountains of Atocitera used to soak into themselves the freely flowing magical energies of the The Flow. When the celestial object impacted into Atocitera during The Cataclysm  it started forcing the Corruption into the Flow. The Flow reacted by concentrating more than before in an attempt to reject the corruption. But for mountains soaking the flow, the strengthened and unpredictable Flow was too much. This caused the mountains to be violently cut from the ground.
While the Flow was trying to reject the corruption, it also separated into two major streams. The one on the ground became corrupted, and the one in the sky remained pure. When the pure stream was moving to the sky, it carried some of the cut mountains with it, turning them into Atocites.
  For few brief years, the Atocites occasionally collided with higher ground, hills and mountains which were not turned into Atocites. And after centuries, these collisions were becoming rarer with each passing year thanks to the colliding parts slowly falling apart. Places, where these contacts used to happen, are still favored places for extractions from raids.
  Humans built their settlements on Atocites after they realized the Corruption sped up the natural evolution on Atocitera so much, that survival became nearly impossible in the long term. And before the humans completed the grand migration, they even started to see the effects of corruption on some people among themselves.
  Atocites are now the only place safe from the Corruption and out of the reach of monstrosities on The Ground bellow.       The grand migration Running from the first horrifying monsters the people of Atocitera gave up on their original homes and ventured on the grand migration.  spending the entire cycle of preparation, they climbed on the flying islands as they were passing some higher hills or human-made dedicated structures.
After centuries passed, the direct climb is no longer possible without assistance, as the hills, structures, and even the bottom part of the Atocites were grinded by occasional contact. After centuries of such occasional contacts, the affected parts no longer connect in any way. Where once were an option to climb now lies only huge gaps.


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