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Sabre Rock

Sabre Rock is a colossal stone arch that makes up part of the eastern edge of the Shield Platte between the Salilac and the Bay of Ghosts in the County of Ustia. It is generally considered one of the natural wonders of Sutherhart, but its exact nature has been in dispute between cartographers for centuries.


Sabre Rock is a tremendous sandstone arch that passes over the Silustian Waters, which provide a navigable pathway between the Salilac and the Bay of Ghosts. Sabre Rock is 534 feet tall while the passageway under the arch is at its narrowest 327 feet in width and 382 in height, allowing passage to multiple ships at a time and permitting maritime trade vessels access to Orlan waters.

Localized Phenomena

Foggy weather is common in the area.

Fauna & Flora

Seagulls and Silustian glowbats make their nests in the high sides of the Rock, and barnacles and other sea life make their homes at the bottom where the waters wash the cliffs.


Sabre Rock has been at the center of a dispute between Orlan and Lonnite cartographers for centuries, stemming from a clause in the Maritime Trade section of the Ancient Treaties of Peace Between Orle and Lonne in which Orle surrendered many of its sea claims in the Bay of Ghosts in exchange for the right to tax any Lonnite vessel or merchant who passed Orlan borders, including those defined by coastline.   Historically, the Lonnite stance on the matter was that the Silustian Waters were an isthmus and Sabre Rock a land bridge over that isthmus, thus vessels passing through the Silustian Waters were going around Ustia's borders. The Orlan stance however was that Sabre Rock was a navigable cavern, and that vessels sailing through it were passing the Ustian border not merely once, but twice.   Eventually, Odette Suvayard, Duchess of Stenna forced the issue by ordering the construction of the Sil-Ustia Gate to stop Lonnite vessels that did not pay the tax. A series of naval accidents involving the Sil-Ustia Gate, including one that nearly resulted in the drowning of a Lonnite prince, resulted in the War of the Rock and ultimately the Treaty of the Rock, which formalized the position of the Orlan cartographers in regards to Sabre Rock's classification as well as the right of whoever owns the Rock to tax vessels passing under it.
Alternative Name(s)
The Rock, The Sea Gate
Rock Formation
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