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The Standard Incomes and prices for weaponry and tools in Atleria.   Average Annual Incomes   Peasant: 400 Denaris   Patrician: 20,000 Denaris   Knight: 35,000 Denaris   Lesser Noble: 40,000 Denaris   Higher Noble: 80,000 Denaris   Monarch: 400,000 Denaris       Levels of Equipment   Low-Quality   Mid-Quality   High-Quality   Noble-Quality   Imperial-Quality   Weaponry (For each level of quality times the level by original price, for example, an imperial quality weapon, tool, slave, or house would be 5x the price of the original weapon.)   Dagger: 300 Denaris   Sword: 600 Denaris   Giant Sword: 1,200 Denaris   Greatsword: 800 Denaris   Giant Greatsword: 1,600 Denaris   Spear/Basic Polearms: 400 Denaris   Giant Spear/Basic Polearm: 1,200 Denaris   Halberd/Complex Polearms: 800 Denaris   Giant Halberd/Complex Polarm: 1,800 Denaris   Selfbow/Basic Bow: 200 Denaris   Giant Bow: 2,000 Denaris   Elven Longbow/Advanced Bow: 1,200 Denaris   Basic Crossbow: 800 Denaris   Advanced Crossbow: 1,400 Denaris   Giant Crossbow: 3,000 Denaris     Armour (Giant Armour costs the same as the regular x 3.) Gambeson: 300 Denaris   Butted Mail: 900 Denaris   Soldered Mail: 1,300 Denaris   Cuirass: 1,600 Denaris   Scale Armour: 1,800 Denaris   Elvish Scale Armour: 3,000 Denaris   Dwarven Scale Armour: 9,000 Denaris   Brigandine: 2,600 Denaris   Elven Brigandine: 3,000 Denaris   Dwarvish brigandine: 10,000 Denaris   Half-Plate 40,000 Denaris   Elven Half-Plate: 60,000 Denaris   Dwarven Half-Plate: 80,000 Denaris   Full-Plate 100,000 Denaris   Elven Fullplate: 200,000 Denaris   Dwarven Full-plate 600,000 Denaris     Slaves Human Male: 4,000 Denaris   Human Female: 10,000 Denaris   Elven Male: 12,000 Denaris   Elven Female: 40,000 Denaris   Orukish Male: 8,000 Denaris   Orukish Female: 20,000 Denaris   Dwarvish Male: 20,000 Denaris   Dwarvish Female: 40,000 Denaris   Hybrid Male: 120,000 Denaris   Hybrid Female: 400,000 Denaris     Foodstuffs Meal: 2 Denaris   Ale: 1 Denaris   Dwarvish Ale: 300 Denaris   Wine: 10 Denaris   Elvish Wine: 200 Denaris   Households Small House: 6,000 Denaris   Common House: 16,000 Denaris   Manor: 40,000 Denaris   Mansion: 100,000 Denaris   Castle: 400,000 Denaris

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