The Brown

Mechanics & Inner Workings

All which the Newtown brewery has been willing to tell the public about the brown is that no harmful substances are used in its production and that the boost of energy is simply a side-effect caused by the use of Coucus leaf extract in the brew. They do not advise however that the drink is consumed excessively as the body may react negatively to large quantities of this extract resulting in illness or in worst-case scenarios, death.


The Brown was introduced into the Lower Lands in around year 3 of the independence war after the construction of Newtown upon the ruins of the previously glorious city of Oldtown, destroyed in the beginning of the war. The Brown was used to invigorate the soldiers of all the seven realms and is thus seen as a crucial drink to the people. It allowed them to fight for longer with more strength against the soldiers of the Empire.   Because of its significance during the war, it is now served at any feast of any lord or lady to honour the Newtown Brewery and their contributions to the war. The Brown has also been titled as the National Drink.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
The ingredients used in the Brown, though mostly kept secret are mass-produced by the Newtown brewery, which is the sole producer and supplier of most ales, wines and other drinks in the lower lands. The brewery is able to supply all the seven realms with enough of the Brown to keep every inn and tavern stocked, how they manage this is mostly unknown.
Base Price
50 silver per cup
Raw materials & Components
The Brown's ingredients are mostly unknown to the wide world, though what is known is that the base of the drink is a mixture between a thick, brown ale and milk with a small amount of Coucus leaf extract added which gives it its energising properties.