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Also known as Isipho.
Nearly indestructible element coming from the meteorite that crashed some time before the colonisation several miles north the Atlantis.
Soon after establishing Nouvelle-Angouleme, the settlers accidentally came across the crash site. Intrigued by the seemingly magical properties, they have taken the samples for study. After years of experiments, the first tunnel of Vibranium mines was opened. While Familia de T'Cha is primary researcher of the Vibranium, Familia de Odinson and Familia de Stark, have also studied the properties of the element, which allowed them to invent the Rainbow Bridge and the Arc Reactor, respectively.
In 2009 Lord Anthony de Stark patented Vibranium2, an isotope more stable as an energy source, since then used exclusively in the Arc Reactor Technology.
The properties of Vibranium include the ability to absorb all vibrations in the vicinity as well as kinetic energy directed at it. The energy absorbed is stored and dissipated within the bonds between the molecules. Both isotopes differentiate in molecular structure with Vibranium2 being triangular and therefore able to be more stable energy source.


Item type
Element, Chemical
Owning Organization
Base Price
Freely available to all allowed to work in mines and factories, as well as researchers wishing to study it.

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