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Veuve de Noir boarding school

Veuve Noire Boarding School

Educational institute for daughters of The Custodes. School's curriculum includes both academic subjects, and espionage and assassin training. Girls are typically enrolled at 5. After first three years parents are required to minimise contact to one yearly visit. Regular training takes 15 years.
Afterwards, the alumnae are typically hired either by the Atlantan Military Intelligence, Atlantan Civil Intelligence, Internal Affairs Department in the Executiva (where they work as sociae), or SHIELD.

Public Agenda

Education of daughters of the Custodes so that they'd best serve their country.


Established in 1937 as a finishing school for daughters of the Custodes. During the World War its curriculum has been expanded to secondary school. Since 1960s it is customary for selected Custodas to conduct their whole education there.

Demography and Population

Most famous alumnae include Natasha de Romanov, Maria de Hill, Dorothea de Underwood, Barbara de Morse, and Melinda de May-Garner.

Vous ne tombez

Founding Date
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Black Widow School
Parent Organization
The Custodes

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