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The Protectores

Third caste of the Societas. The Protectores provide variety of services for the Ton, Societas, and Operativa alike. They ensure the well-being of the citizens. Therefore, they work in health services, including mental health.
As it is their sacred duty to help and assist all citizens of Atlantis they work on the Long Island, providing support and protection to the Superflui. It is their expertise that determines whether the Superfluus may be integrated into the Society, or has to be institutiionalised.
The Protectores also defend the Atlantans from various injustices. They offer legal help for the citizens. With the Custodes they ensure that the Atlantan justice system would not become corrupt.
The Protectores also provide spiritual support and religious services for the citizens.


Banner, Blonsky, Cho: Helen, Erskine: Abraham, Frost, Hansen: Maya, Hogart: Jeri, Murdock: Matthew, Rand: Daniel, Strange: Stephen, Temple: Claire, Wilkes: Jason, Wilson: Samuel, Zola: Arnim

Public Agenda

We ensure society works and help all – middle
health – religion – law – help/services
Guild, Professional

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