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The Operativa

Third group of the Society. They are responsible for the services and various manual tasks. Most of the Operativi act as farmers (they are, as a rule, independent owners of farms and hydroponic greenhouses), vendors, manufacturers, and workmen. Some of the Operativi are hired by the Familiae as the curatores, usually considered servants.  
However, as it is illegal for members of the Familiae to create material objects or content that cannot be considered hobby or exemplification of conceptual model, the operativa includes also all artistic professions.
Most of the operarii are hired by the Familiae (both as workmen, and as the curatores, but they are allowed to freelance and sell their work for the highest bidder.


Bishop, Hogan de Familia Stark, JARVIS de Familia de Stark , Kilgrave, Lang de Familia de Pym, Lewis de Familia de Foster, Maximoff, Page, Toomes, Urich, Walker

Public Agenda

We create the means to make the world
agriculture – manufacture/industry – sales – art – services
Guild, Craftsmen
Parent Organization
The Operativa
Subsidiary Organizations
Atlantis (geography)
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members

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Guild Feature

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