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The Custodes

Second of the castes of the Societas. They are responsible for guaranteeing safety to the Atlantans. They protect Rules of the Society, acting as law enforcement and various protective services. There are also factions that protect Atlantis from external influences. Among the Custodes are Atlantan Army, Air Force, and Navy, Atlantan Military and Civil Intelligence, and SHIELD .
The Custodes are responsible for preserving the Atlantan heritage as well. Therefore, they are historians, archivists, museum collectors and curators, etnographers, and genealogists.


Bakuto, Lucas: Carl (a.k.a. Luke Cage), Castle: Frank, Danvers: Carol, Dugan, Fury, Hill, Jones: Gabriel, Jessica, Knight: Misty, Paxton, Philips, Rhodes, Romanov, Ross: Thaddeus, Elizabeth, Everett, Rumlow: Brock, Simpson: Will, Sitwell: Jasper, Sousa: Daniel, Sowande, Strucker, Vanko: Ivan, Ward: Grant, Wing: Coleen.

Public Agenda

We ensure the rules are obeyed
military - Intelligence - police - protective services - documentation
Government, Law Enforcement
Subsidiary Organizations
Notable Members

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