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Stark-Carbonell Industries

Company established in 1677 by Lord Giacomo de Carbonelli, third wave migrant and talented gunsmith. The Fabrica Carbonell worked as weapons manufacturer to 1883, when Lord Paolo de Carbonell transformed the company into Carbonell Industries and began mass-production of weapons and various mechanical devices.
Carbonell Industries breakthrough came in 1947 when Lord Howard de Stark signed lucrative contract with Lord Giovanni de Carbonell. According to this deal, Carbonell Industries were sole manufacturer of all de Starks' patents. After Howard's marriage to Maria de Collins-Carbonell, the company was renamed Stark-Carbonell Industries. For the next two decades they worked primarily as weapons manufacturer.
Only after lord Anthony de Stark inherited the company in 1991, the production difersified and Stark-Carbonell Industries gradually began to dominate the mechanical and electronic devices market. After Tony returned from Afghanistan he pulled all his and Howard's weapons patents from the company and instead started promoting mechanics and electronics, including Arc Reactor Technology.

Public Agenda

Building a better tomorrow today


Mechanics and electronics manufacturer
Corporation, Manufacturing
Alternative Names
Carbonell Industries
Manufactured Items

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