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Familia de Stark

One of the original 13 Familiae, German in origin. Famous in Atlantis for technical ingenuity that attributed to their domineering position as weapons and electronic designers.

Notable members

      Lord Howard de Stark†: chemist, engineer
Lady-Consort Howard de Stark (née Lady Maria de Collins-Carbonell)†
Lord Anthony de Stark: philosopher, engineer
Lady Virginia née Potts, his previous Praefecta
See also: Stark precedent

generi: Lord Harley Keener de Stark


Lord Obadiah de Stane , Lord James de Rhodes, Lord Enrico de Carbonell


Headship: Lord Anthony de Stark
Praefecta: Lady Virginia Stark
Signiferi: Edwin Jarvis de Familia Stark†, Ana Jarvis de Familia Stark†
Generus: Harley Keener de Stark
Curatores: Hogan de Familia Stark, JARVIS de Familia Stark

Public Agenda

Under Howard's headship: energy race, purification of Vibranium
Under Tony's headship: clean energy, world without conflicts
Geopolitical, Clan
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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