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Familia de Potts

Familia of the Executiva whose members specialised in high administration and management jobs.

Notable members

Lord Andrew de Potts†: manager of the Atlantan bank. After the Black Thursday he was perceived as one of the people responsible for the crisis as he didn't do anything to settle the panic. Disgraced, he managed to avoid trial by swearing fealty to Familia de Stark for three generations, in which time he believed the Familia would redeem themselves
Lord Michael Potts de Familia Stark: Signiferus to Howard de Stark, specialising in PR for Familia de Stark.
Lady-Consort Michael Potts de Familia Stark (née Anne Nelson)
Lady Virginia Potts de Familia Stark: Praefecta of Familia de Stark, later Lady-Consort Lord Anthony de Stark


Sworn fealty to Familia de Stark



Geopolitical, Clan
Parent Organization
The Executiva

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