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Familia de Odinson

One of the original 13 Familiae, Norse in origin. Famous in Atlantis for space research.

Notable members

Lord Bor de Pym-Odinson and Lady Bestla Pym-Odinson
Lord Odin de Odinson: political philosopher, astronomer
Lady Frigga de Odinson: philosopher, astronomer
Lord Thor de Odinson: heir apparent, natural philosopher, environmentalist ; engaged to Lady Jane de Foster
Lord Loki Laufeyson de Odinson: generus, political philosopher
other relatives: Lady Freya de Odinson, Lord Bor de Odinson


Headship: Lord Odin de Odinson
Heir apparent: Lord Thor de Odinson
Praefectus: Lord Lars Heimdall de Familia Odinson
Generus: Lord Loki Laufeyson de Odinson

Public Agenda

Space exploration

Geopolitical, Clan
Thor Odinson
Parent Organization
The Ton
Asgard Tower
Controlled Territories

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