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Familia de Kilian

One of the original 13 Familiae of the Ton, by the beginning of the 21st century dwindling and generally considered uninfluential.
By the 2012 there was only a handful of members under the headship of Lord Aldrich de Kilian.
After his scandalous actions as the Mandarin, the headship went to elderly Lady Elizabeth de Kilian, conservative and traditional woman, who highly disapproved of her great-nephew's actions and worked with Lord Anthony de Stark to undo his actions and consequently restore Familia's name.

Notable members

Aldrich de Kilian
Elizabeth de Kilian


Headship: Lord Aldrich de Kilian (until 2512/2012)
Headship: Lady Elizabeth de Kilian (25/12/2012-)

Public Agenda

Improving health of Atlantis's citizens by the means of Extremis.

Geopolitical, Clan
Parent Organization
The Ton
Manufactured Items
Notable Members

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