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Current Year: 2115

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Despite having no common name used among the people other than "The World", Atlan is home to scarce areas of dense populations of humanoids, while the rest is still natural resources waiting to be discovered and mined. Atlan has been around for millennia, though very few records indicate as such.   The continent of Atlan is separated into 6 distinct areas, each of which has a major city or landmark to categorize the area. In the southeast, the bustling city of Palm Brinks lies separated by a major flowing river. In the southwest lies the great canyons of Atlan, near which lies the major spiritual city of Balance Valley. In the west are Atlan's ports and resort metropolis known as Veniccio. In the northwest lies the great mountain ranges, including the tallest peak and active volcano Mount Gundor, at the base of which lies the bustling mining and manufacturing city of Heim Rada. In the center of Atlan is the vast forest Rainbow Butterfly Wood, characterized by the natural city of Sindain at its heart. Finally, in the northeast is a vast expanse of mostly undiscovered territory, save for the mysterious landmark known only as Kazarov Stonehenge.   Visiting the various large cities of Atlan, you'll mostly find the common races: humans, elves, and halflings. But in the various towns and camps around the land, you'll find more exotic races that haven't yet found their place in the common bustle of city life.   It is also worth noting that the citizens in Atlan have discovered electricity, which they harness using the sun, wind, and water. It is at a premium, so only the wealthy can really afford it, but it has allowed for a functioning train system to be built to all the major cities in Atlan.