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Ethry - Plant

- In rural villages and suburban towns -  Ethry is a calm grass that seeds several times in one year. This short, brown grass grows up to 18 inches (46 cm) tall. The very thick leaves grow in small clumps that are rigid. When mature, a teardrop-shaped flower head grows at the end of a long stem, eventually opening up to reveal dozens of tiny grey tails. During the early winter, it produces a fair amount of fruity-smelling pollen that can cause allergic reactions, and after flowering, it is left with excessive amounts of grains. The grains have medicinal properties and can be used to make numerous baked goods.   Facts
  • It can survive a long time without water.
  • It takes nutrients from ice and frost in winter.
  • The grass can grow almost anywhere but is more commonly found in forests and fields.
  • Ethry was discovered by Jonas Etffries and named after his daughter Ethie. 
  • The liquid that the stem leaks is toxic to humans and is used in several poisons.
  • Culture
  • The plant is often used for making string as the stem is highly fibrous. 
  • During spring farmers collect as much Ethry grass as possible because when sheep and cows get sick the grass makes them better. 
  • On New Years (3rd of the 2nd month) people collect it, dry it out and use it for town decorations. 
  • Dangers
  • POISON - 
  • The sticky sap that escapes through pores in the stem is dangerous when mixed with a common type water tree algae. It is easy to get hold of. It breaks down easily and is difficult to trace. It can be concentrated into a tacky  that is difficult to detect within other substances. If hands and utensils are not washed thoroughly, it can contaminate foods and liquids and be ingested; it only takes tiny amounts to be effective.  It kills quickly. It mainly weakens the liver. Additional effects include hypersensitivity, difficulty swallowing, temporary hearing loss, and eventually anosmia (smell blindness).  
  • WEAPON -
  • The bow is made from excellent quality bamboo (light weight and high tensile) and Ethry string with a steel grip, and has runes engraved on it. The looped string is incredibly flexible. The arrows are made from hazel (a wood also used in the making of coracles), each tipped with a copper alloy arrowhead and fletched with goose feathers. If used in a battle or duel the tip of the copper will be lowered into Ethry poison. The quiver is made of deerskin and tin buckles.

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    7 Apr, 2021 18:10

    Interesting plant. I think you can expand on it a little since most is now written in bullet points. You can create sections divided by headers as to improve the layout of the article. Also I don't quite understand how it gains nutrients from ice and frost?

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    Ji-woo Mae
    6 May, 2021 14:14

    The water levels are very rich in minerals so they can gather nutrients and grow more strongly from that.

    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    10 Apr, 2021 12:26

    Nice article :D This is a useful plant for a grass!   " after flowering, it is left with excessive amounts of grains." What does it do with the excess of grain? Or do you mean that it has a lot of grains rather than a lot more than it needs?   I thing you can use headers (with the h1 bbcode) for "facts", "culture" etc   What kind of nutrients does it get from ice? Is it growing in a place where they are an especially high level of nutrients in the water?

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    Ji-woo Mae
    6 May, 2021 14:16

    Ethry has a over productive grain supply which can be used in different things. There are minerals in the water that comes from the sea, all of the plants and tree soak up this water and then expel it as oxygen which goes to the clouds and then rains down. Its a cycle.

    16 Apr, 2021 22:26

    Hey PunkGoth! It's interesting to see a grass used as bowstring but it also has a flower and secrets poison. I'd would be nice to have a single plant to repair your bow and poison your arrow heads!

    xtremepsy | Ölütanrı
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    Ji-woo Mae
    6 May, 2021 14:17

    I was thinking about that as well.

    17 Apr, 2021 14:48

    Interesting, so the sap is poisonous for people, but actually a medication for livestock?

    Ji-woo Mae
    6 May, 2021 14:13

    Yes, that is how it works. Too much of it will make livestock fall ill but in small doses it is suitable. Even small amounts can harm and potentially kill a human.