There are times when Avalona's crossing shimmers into existence once more.   It has been centuries since the fey crossing was last opened like this.   Avalona has been on the border between the two planes for millennia.   However, before the spellscourge, they were invaded by a horrifying group of mindrenderers.   These mindrenderers were obsessed with magical knowledge and wished to use what they already knew to become immortal and close in kind to a lich. Before this could be achieved, however, they were in need of sacrifices.   Knowing the age of the royal family of Avalona, it was an easy decision: they would be the victims and they would make sure those elves never again came between them and Faerie.   There was no saving the royal family, as they were taken and sacrificed before any rescuers could even be dispatched.   Unbeknownst to the rest of Avalona, however, this was not the case for all the royal family.   The queen herself and her unborn child were the only ones not to be sacrificed, as the mindrenderers saw more interesting things in their future.   The queen underwent numerous experiments, all the while using her magic to halt time and save her child from enduring the same fate.   Eventually, the mindrenderers grew fewer in number, until there was but one that remained. this one grew weary of the experiments and the screams, but mostly the screams. He sold the woman into slavery at the hands of the dark elves—they never did have a fondness for the surface elves, especially those of royal blood.   Even though she had little to no likeness to a surface elf now after so many experiments, the mindrenderer saw to it the dark elves knew who she was and that she would be treated in a way that befitted her station.   Generations passed with the descendants of that once great queen ever toiling away in slavery.   That was until one princess made her escape to the surface. She was shunned for how she looked, so she fled to the forests of her familial home where she sought the friendship of the wood and the animals.   This was the home to which a young boy was born—a young boy who would grow into the man who would be the return of his family to their ancestral home. Although with new life, so too came death—his mother was unable to care for her child as she wished she could have, but the forest protected him now as it was unable to protect his ancestors. Eventually, Enthlopidae grew to be a young man and was deemed old enough to journey from the only home he knew into the wide world. He sought to learn all he could about people, having only heard tales from the forest, and so he set off to journey through the world and gain this knowledge.


Nearly all avalonans are elven, at least partially. There are, however, some halflings, goblins, and fae that also call Avalona home (these normally are the parents of half-elves, but not always).   Welcoming, open, pescatarian, use everything mentality, reduce, reuse, recycle, fun.


Avalona was once a monarchy, but, for the past few centuries, the magical council has been overseeing the kingdom. The royal family fell victim to the invading mindrenderers that came from the depths of the Everdark and there is little hope that they will ever be seen again (although, they keep the throne room clean just in case).


River District: * Main part of Avalona * Pleasure cruises up river to the ocean or down river to the mountains. * Fishing (le=arge export) * trade * shipyards * handful of taverns and inns


Royal Ancestry: No more nobles. Fae elf, sea elf, wood elf, and high elf main heritages. Some dark and plaid elves. An immortal elf was the first of the family (hence long life and royal blood). Possible living distant relatives descended from someone who gave up the crown and their right and their descendents' rights to rule.   Avalona has a tradition where, while a mother-tobe is with child, they call a farseeing artist in to create a portrait of the child as they may one day look. They only paint the best outcome and are sworn not to share the futures they witness. This is how there is a portrait of Enthlopidae's mother.
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The City of Crossing
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