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The Drakti believe they exist for one purpose; conquering and policing Athuna to ensure its continued existence.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Drakti take a have a very simple method of naming there given name is a combination of two descriptive words. Surnames are the names of the unit they are currently serving once retired drakti will typically take a units name along with a word that means somthing to them which is derived from the military occupation of the unit Kivibi = Edik 'powerful' and Divibi 'Fighter' Bemezn = kings 'Abem' guard 'fteslezn ' The surname is used as a title sort of like a unit ID followed by the given name 'Bezen Kivbi' would be 'Kings Guard Kivibi'

Major Organizations

The Legion is the military, the government, and the religious leaders.

Beauty Ideals

Drakti choose their mates for breeding purposes and they use selective breeding to ensure the optimal growth of the species, due to this the drakti we see today are nothing like the ancestors before them, some do however take lifemates but typically after retirement. The ideal mate for a Drakti is one honed on the battlefield, physically and mentally, a potential mate must be fierce in conversation, in action, as well as beautiful.


Bodur the god of war and justice, after seeing the destruction the gods brought about by a foolish war, created the Drakti as a way to police Athuna. They see themselves conquers who will bring peace to the world.

Scientific Name
250 - 400
Average Height
7 - 8 foot
Average Weight
200 - 350

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