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This world is under going MAJOR renovations right now. It will be making less sense than it should. You have been warned.   Athines, once the land of plenty, now in turmoil and civil war. After King Erlanos of the Elves invaded the other territories and his grandchild and daughter-in-law both disappeared from the Palace, There has been neverending war between those loyal to the King (known as Monarchiests) and those who seek to return to the old ways (known as Resistors).   It is a world built in both war and peace, where the various tribes fought for dominance before the unification, when new territories were drawn between the Elves, the Dwarfs, and the Faeries, and uneasy peace prevailed for a thousand years. King Erlanos and his army saw the end of that peace when they conquered and enslaved the other races, and all Elves who opposed him.   The King’s grandchild, the prophesied saviour of Athines, and their mother disappeared without a trace only hours after the child’s birth, and many in the lands pray for the child’s return. The Oracle claims that, when the child has returned, a new era shall begin, and all shall be free and equal. Now, ten years later, a strange child is brought to Athines, and the final battle is set to begin.

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  • Map of The Map of Athines

    The political map of Athines, based on the political climate prior to Erlanos conquering the other territories.