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Elven Firearms

"The first recorded instance of Elven Firearms was long after their invention. The sudden and unseen attack from the forest, the crash of thunder and giggling of fae as a soldier fell was legendary - they called them Fae Arrows in the legends. The pain and laughter and silence that followed were considered a real and dangerous fact of life for any that lived on the edge of Aelyvn territories. It wasn't until full-scale war broke out that the Firearms were first seen for what they were. The Firyn had been given the weapons to defend themselves


Elven Firearms are used for war and hunting. While called Elven firearms, the Elfkin actually were the first to use them on the field of battle openly. The few city-states of the people that evolved later on would keep the firearms as a common part of their arms - but the exact usage evolved heavily to more mundane firearms. Today, Elven Firearms tend to be hereditary treasures - except within Elven territories, where they are still used by the Aelyvn Riflemen and Rangers as ranged weapons.


Fae Fire Steel and cold iron is required to create the firing mechanism, with standard steel used for the barrel. Manufacturing is incredibly complex due to the firing mechanism, but otherwise can be undertaken by nearly any skilled smith.
Access & Availability
Rare. Almost always heirlooms.
The exact discovery of Elven Firearms is unknown, but happened sometime early in the Age of Elves.

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