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Athenaeum Voreios

Purpose / Function

The Athenaeum Voreios was the northernmost of the four Athenaeum branches. It served as an academy and archive for all of those in its region who sought to walk the path of knowledge among them Athenaeum. Originally incredibly secluded, the advancement of The Mekarite League put it as one of the most accessible of the Athenaeum branches in the known world. It often served as the face of the organization to those outside of it.   While it is not common knowledge to those outside of the organization, all of the Athenaeum were built upon a great Rift that gave access to the Endless River. The area was seemingly chosen due to the rift itself - serving as both a seal and a gateway. When the Athenaeum Voreios was destroyed, the rift was unsealed and began to tear similar rifts apart in the surrounding area.


Like all Athenaeum, the Voreios branch is ancient architecture. It is clear that the central building was immeasurably old. While most people recognized it as ancient, most were under the mistaken impression that it was of Elvish descent. But the Elves consider the buildings ancient, indicating that they were around long before them.


It is unknown when the Voreios branch was built, though it predates the Age of Elves - making it thousands of years old. Much of its history is lost even to current members of the Athenaeum.   The Council of Four assigned Grand Archivist Tassam as leader of the Voreios in 1275. He held this position until 1668 with his apparent death during the Burning of Athenaeum Voreios.
Founding Date
Prior to the Age of Elves
Alternative Names
College / Academy
Owning Organization

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