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Athelnate was once ruled by ginormous creatures that used their intelligence to shape and change the world as they saw fit, but their endeavors into the unknown would bring upon them a weapon that would cause their own demise as well as the destruction of most of the life on the planet.   Now the world is dominated by the smaller creatures, namely Arthropods, fungi, and small plants like grasses and mosses. These organisms has evolved to fill the holes that the past giants left gaping wide. fungi have now filled the rolls of what bigger plants used to be and have grown to be even more diverse than anyone could have guessed. Most Arthropods have become more akin to the mammals that used to walk along the ground but a select few have gained the intelligence to create their own civilizations.   There are 5 major civilizations in the world: The Ant colonies create their homes from the moss dirt and fungi found in caves. The Cave Weta Nomads, who live in small groups that travel throughout the various cave systems that make up their territory. The Mantis Tribe, who believe that combat is the only way to improve one's self and live in the wastelands. The Beetle clan, that use their shells as everything from shields to painting canvases and live manly in caves. and the crab kingdoms, who collect shiny artifacts to make them into wondrous contraptions and live by the sea.

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