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Located within the Isles of Glass in the center of the known world lies Athandros, the City of Glass. Located between the four great nations of the world, Athandros is a required stop on every voyage hoping to traverse the Great Deep; either to resupply amidst the lengthy voyage or to wait out the great winter storms that make the oceans all but impassable. This geographically advantageous position has allowed the city-state to flourish, becoming a powerful center of commerce and industry. However, with greater attention comes greater threats, as the Kingdoms of Everfrost, Grand Theocracy of the Shifting Sands, Empire of the Emerald Winds, and Harvestfall Confederacy all vie for power and influence over the city and its people. Now, after close to two centuries of relative peace, upheaval is brewing as powers both internal and external begin to execute their plans.