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Filth, do you think your precious flame saves you?! They lurk just outside, waiting for it to be snuffed out. They lurk inside the nightmares you daren't dream! But I will show you. Show you the blackness of the dark! Hark for the Doomsayer tolls! Look Upon Your Gross Incandescence And Despair! The Shadow Comes To Reclaim Their Right!
Confession of Doomspeaker Kalth
  Athanae existed in the dark long before The Dawn of Light. Without shadows, without time, without struggle. That time has long passed yet they remain. Creatures of the dark, indefatigable and vicious, seek holes in the light so that the dark can once again return to that time.
Yet those so called Gods are persistent. They spawned mortal guardians of the light who create barricades and fire. Those Mortals in turn birthed more light and fight back against the dark.
But this world was born in darkness. And the very tools of the gods are so easily susceptible to the dark. The ash created from fire does yet choke the flames.  

Introduction to Athanae

Athanae ia a stoic land where life struggles against the ever encroaching darkness. Civilization is sparse, heavily guarded, and frayed. The Great Blight brought with it many pointed fingers as groups turned on each other. The Dragon Bloom has only increased tensions as dragons appear from realms unknown. But embers of hope have begun to ignite the seeds of legends.

Word from the Author

Athanae is a world built from many ideas I've had in the past and the ideas I've taken from. It is grounded to provide a backdrop for TTRPGs and story writing. With World Anvil, I hope to put everything together in one comprehensive fiction. While it is a small project with only my thoughts and will behind it, I hope to create a world worthy of the Anvil site.

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