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A Primer on Athanae

The first among the Dawnstar's light

What is Athanae?

To know Athanae is to start at the beginning. Athanae did not come to be because of the Dawnstar. It was only revealed by it. Athanae is itself, a product of the Dark. And the light only shines on the surface. Inside Athanae a darkness lies waiting for the light to go out.
  In Current Days, the world is in the age of the Dragon Bloom. Drakes have appeared all over the world and carve out their own sections of land. Some help the lower races in their struggles against the dark. While others use the dark to their advantage to terrorize the living.
  Athanae is a cold and harsh world. Civilizations survive by creating walls between them and the dark. Whether that be physical walls like those found in the Sovereignties of Livonà or metaphysical walls like the Lightbearers worship of the Lady of Light. Any groups that find their vigilance waning will find the darkness quickly enclosing on the light.
  The dark closes in around us and from within. Curiousity, Ignorance, Hubris; all come from darkness held within the soul of the Seeded Kin. Cults worship beings whose names are known only by hushed whispers. Scholars unlock hidden secrets not meant for mortal eyes. And lords seek grander glory and favor by conquering shadowed lands. All end the same; a shadow in the light from where the dark can fester.
  The light wars against the dark. The light is not without defense nor offense against the dark. Fires burn away more than wood and oil. Radiant light of the Dawnstar sears encroaching darkness when it tries to breach the surface. Even common folk push deeper into darkened lands to claim the surface in totality.

What makes Athanae Special?

  • The World is Dark and Full of Magic
Magic is common, but controlled. A Wild Mage might easily find themselves slipping into madness and create terror among a region. So it must be controlled, for the good of all.  
  • Gods, but no Masters
The Gods watch over Athanae but have no hold over it. One god might disappear altogether if they don't maintain a following. Miracles aren't a god's gift to man, rather a price they pay for continued worship.  
  • Who will Save the World if not You
Legendary figures are only just starting to be spoken of. In this age of conflict, heroic tales are mostly fiction and it's up to you to make the songs of legend. Claim the mantle and you will be remembered forever.  
  • What Lies Beyond the Vale
Pockets of civilization dot the landscape but the world outside of those small dots is wild and unknown. Most folk know their home and may have heard tales of distant cities. Few know what lies beyond the mountains or across the seas.

The Powers of Piros

In the north, the continent of Piros exists as the border to the Shattered Wastes of the far north. Ruled between the five superpowers, relative peace exists between the leaders of Piros. However, stirrings of discontent often spark into the flames of conflict. Each society is closed off from each other and draconian measures to keep the darkness at bay are all too common in these lands.

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