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In the Wilds:

You find yourself taking a boat to the land of the once glorious Xandertopian Empire. The largest empire known to creation. 115 years ago it endured civil war, and was torn apart from the inside, and out. Creatures of evil were drawn to the chaos and assisted in the destruction of the realm. The land now lies as a no man's land. Shrouded in darkness and evil. Some encampments of light remain. Scattered and warring to claim the land of the once great and prosperous Empire. Political intrigue and magical machinations are a constant. What draws you to this foresaken land?
  The land is dark and forsaken, with magical powers lurking around nearly every rock and tree. As the four heroes who arrived in Solebury by ship in the night, soon found out. A slightly wet and shaken up Sèitheach, Irr, Sokanaa, and Morthos filed out of the boat. They quickly discovered that there were lies and deceit across the strangely empty village, and the mayor's sins were soon discovered. Tribulatia, fairies of the Goddess Eris were responsible for the missing villagers and chaos that had been occurring. The six were faced with a choice, interfere with the work of the goddess, accept her bribe and leave, or choose to have nothing to do with the sordid affair. In the end, the heroes decided to go on their journey with nothing but the valuable knowledge Eris had imparted upon them. That they would find answers in the mountain pass city of Reux. As they headed into the deep Gryovian Inlands Forest they soon discovered the hazards of the land were not lessened in the wilderness. A group of bandits headed by Barda Cornwalla had taken treasure from the remains of an ancient dead dragon hidden in the forest, who asked the heroes to return it to him so he could pass on to the next life. The heroes agreed and soon made short work of the bandits, however, Barda and her brother had escaped, they returned the dragon's hoard to the decaying bones. Their reward? A golden chalice inlaid with red jewels about its lip, and a warning of great power that came with a sacrifice of blood. Morthos couldn't resist the temptation, and spilled his blood into the chalice. With this sacrifice, the dragon was resurrected. Rising from its sleepy floral grave and taking off to the air, not before consigning the spirits of the forest to destroy the group. Who made short work of the consigned tree Tāne, and continued on their journey...  

In Talajord:

A Cleric sent by divine intervention, a prostitute sorcerer on her own mission, a mysterious mystic simply traveling to the city, and a magical Myconid lured by magic in the air stumble upon a carriage pulled by a Pegasus. As the walk closer assassins break from the trees and bushes and attack the Duchess within. Upon saving her life, Duchess Zeno rewards the four heros with the title of Wolfguard, promising glory and fortune but most of all a change to restore peace and prosperity to the war torn country of Kiet. The heros first set out to discover who the assassins were, a radical group of dragon worshippers with an unknown agenda. Before they can interrogate their captured cultist he combusts, leaving a single glowing ruby in a pile of ash. The send a request to the greatest magical minds in Lann Teachlach for information. While dealing with a ransacked Tortle village outside the city, Queenie the prostitute is kidnapped. Although she shows up again, claiming to have been on a job, the party knows more happened but leave her to her own thoughts. Duchess Zeno is concerned by the presance of the orcs who ransacked the Tortle village and requests that the Wolfguard travel to E'dle, the stronghold of the orcs and discover if they are planning an invasion...

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