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Emilia Meryton - The Fang of Tempris

The First Fang

'Lady' Emilia Meryton (a.k.a. The Dread Princess, The First Fang and Ruler of Eslor)

Passion, cunning, prowess. These are the values the Redcoats are founded upon, and what their founder, Emilia Meryton embodied. She and her twin brother were both born upon the island of Causlax to poor peasants - and it was often said that due to their charm and beauty, they were the souls of great nobility born into unfortunate circumstance.   Both twins had a fondness for the sea, but unlike her brother, Emilia was not so easily accepted as a sailor, and certainly had no wish to join the ordered ranks of the Faceless Emperors fleet. However, on her travels, the beautiful and cunning Emilia caught the attentions of a infamous dreadlord, whom she quickly married. It was here she was able to display her considerable talents in both strategy and leadership - eventually overthrowing her husband and becoming the leader of his fleet.   She sailed to the isle of Eslor, a relatively rich but small island, a waged a naval war on the ships protecting the area. She prevailed, and instead of ransacking the island as an ordinary pirate would do, she demanded taxes from the citizens and in return, she would protect them from both her own ships, and other pirates known to frequent the area such as the dreaded Yellowbelly Scourge.   Favour smiled upon her despite her ruthless tenancies, and soon she set her sights on bigger prizes, terrorizing the coast of Igrora and beyond to the north, all the while amassing more, and better, ships. Eventually, she met her match in the form of the mighty sea serpent Tempris that roamed the great Northern Seas, worshiped fervently by the warriors and sailors of Udes. Knowing that she would become the most feared pirate in history if she was able to slay the beast, she, along with her armada of over 400 ships, began their battle.   It wasn't a quick defeat by any means, but days turned into weeks, and eventually, most of Emilia's great fleet was lost. It was then, legend said, Tempris rose from the sea, so massive it blocked out the sun and cast a shadow over the watery graveyard where the armada once was. It let out a bellowing laugh before diving down and causing a colossal tidal wave that washed the remaining fleet back to Eslor.   While her losses were great enough that she could no longer terrorize the coast of Igrora, she still commanded enough fear and respect to maintain her rule over Eslor. After her battle with Tempris, and the mercy it had shown her, Emilia took a new path - she established a land-based company upon Eslor, extended her protection beyond the sea. This provided work to its inhabitants and additional insurance to the merchant ships who frequented the island, forming a good relationship with both parties. News quickly spread that the great snake Tempris had been fought to a standstill, and all should seek to avoid battle with the ships who bore the flag of the snake who blocked out the sun.

Personality Characteristics


To amass wealth and fortune, becoming the most feared and respected woman to ever sail the seas.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great with a sword, terrible at range. A fearsome commander, but by the Prime do not let her touch a ballista. Despite her tactical prowess out on the open sea, she is terrible at gambling and games, though perhaps out of love or fear her crew often let her win.


Family Ties

Her brother, Thomas Meryton, founded the Barbs of Typhis, and today the two mercenary companies maintain a fierce sibling rivalry that two twins once held.

Social Aptitude

Cunning and determined, the wit of the Dread Princess is not to be taken lightly, and one misstep could result in an agreement you never meant to make. Of course, renege on your word, and you'll find her sword as deadly as her tongue.


Her steps were never light, always heavy but carrying a certainly that commanded respect as she made her way across the decks of her many ships, giving her the nickname of The Iron Heel. When she sat, it was always like a man, nay, a sailor, knees set wide and feet planted firmly on the floor. She was unapologetic and fierce, never losing that edge even as the years turned her hair to the silver she so loved.

Hobbies & Pets

Over the years, as customary with sailors, she owned many cats, but none as special to her as Ledger, named for the fact he never moved from her own ledger. The cat was so unwilling to move that when Emilia set sail for her last voyage to confront Tempris a final time, the cat was the only crew that remained by her side.

Wealth & Financial state

In the prime of her reign, she held an armada of over 400 ships under her command, and ruled the resource-rich isle of Eslor, taxing it citizens for the naval protection she provided. While the technology of cannons did not exist in her time, ballistae and other siege weapons certainly did, and her armada were equip with only the best.   After her defeat at the maw of Tempris, she founded the Fangs of Tempris upon the isle of Eslor, working along side it's local government - mostly. Their protection now extended beyond the seas to the land it once pillaged, and the shadow she cast allowed the island to flourish once more.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dread Princess, Lady Viper, The First Fang, The Iron Heel
Circumstances of Death
As the age of the years caught up with her, she set sail for Tempris once more, alone except for a single cat that slept on her ledger. Her ship never returned, legend says she sailed straight into the gullet of Tempris, where she took her final rest.
Biological Sex
Deep brown, flecked with scarlet specks in the light.
Reddish brown, thick, held back from her face and the harsh sea winds by intricate plaits.
Skin Tone
Tanned and freckled, sun-weathered and scarred.

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