Riviera Logsmith

Foreman Riviera Logsmith

Riviera Logsmith is the foreman and reeve of Bifork. She ensures the economic security, physical safety, and morale of the town to keep timber production at a maximum.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Riviera is the great granddaughter of Felicia, who adopted the surname Logsmith after establishing a timber company in what would come to be known as the town of Bifork. A natural leader, Riviera quickly demonstrated her aptitude for industrial and municipal management and was elected foreman and reeve of Bifork at the young age of 31. She has held the position for the past 6 years, where her management skills have increased Bifork's productivity and morale to unprecedented levels.   She was once engaged to a merchant woman from Equus, but her (un)timely rise to foreman prevented her from travelling to see her fiance often and they grew apart over time and distance.


Riviera has little formal education beyond what books her family and the other foremen have collected over the years. However, she is duly knowledgeable of the many skills necessary for logging and management, including artisanal woodworking and carpentry.


Riviera has worked for Bifork's logging company her entire life. Showing aptitude early on, her rise to foreman was seen as inevitable by many.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Riviera is one of the youngest loggers to be elected foreman of Bifork. She completed several critical infrastructure improvements to the town, many of which bear her actual labor and handiwork, and negotiated better trade deals with both Millwind for better tools and ores and Nemeha for lower tariffs, a feat of international diplomacy unheard of for someone in her position.

Intellectual Characteristics

While lacking in scholarly knowledge and formal education, Riviera nevertheless possesses a keen intellect for negotiation, city planning, and skilled woodworking. She couldn't tell you who invented the sawmill, but she could build you one in record time with unmatched quality.

Morality & Philosophy

The life and duties of a Bifork foreman leave little time for waxing philosophical, which bothers Riviera little. She lives by a practical code of ethics that she may be hard-pressed to enunciate, but she is seen as a fair, judicious, and efficient leader by the vast majority of her workers and townsfolk.

Current Location
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Like many of the people of Equiny, Riviera has dabbled in romantic affairs with various genders.
Gender Identity
Riviera sees herself as a woman, though gender has less meaning in Equiny than in some of the other kingdoms.
Long, brunette, braided
Skin Tone
5' 8"
125 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Equinian, Dwarven, and Elven


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