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12 Uktar 1683

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Faerûn, remixed. A homebrew setting for the D&D server Whiff City.



Nessus-ary Evils

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

[flicking lights on and off] welcome to hell! welcome to hell!


1 players • The Campaign is Full



  • Map of The Continent of Xanthippe

    A map of Xanthippe. Adventurers who do not hail from the continent of Faerûn or the continent-nation of Elihyel would be most familiar with the locations on this map.

  • Map of The Nine Hells

    A map of the Nine Hells, as drawn by a multiversal traveler. Its age is apparent, as it names Bel as Lord of Avernus, but much of its information remains accurate.