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The Town of Halset

A small town, located on the southern edge of the Bogs of Despair, Halset was initially founded as a penal colony, where prisoners of the Exalted Dominion were sent to serve their time as miners, digging at the silver and copper veins located in the area. Eventually, with the expansion of the Dominion's border into the Great Desert, Halset also became an integral part of the supply chain of the Legion. The combination of these two things meant that the nearby area would be secure and had potential to yield great wealth to those willing to seize it. It didn't take long for people to flock to the promise of safety and precious metals, and privately funded mining companies began popping up next to the government owned penal mines. These companies would oft trade with the nomadic tribes of the desert, turning the town into a bustling trade hub for the region.   With time, however, the silver and copper veins ran dry, and most companies moved on to greener pastures. Nowadays, the only miners left are government employed foremen who watch over prisoners, shipped to Halset in order to dig at what little metal is left within the caves beneath town. As such, Halset has lost much of its appeal and has largely stagnated in terms of size and prosperity. And with the Legion amassing its forces along the western coast, the surrounding area has become much more dangerous than it used to be...


Most of the town's citizens are working class, miners and such. Craftsmen and merchants are represented in considerable numbers as well, while the wealthy are few and far between. The local community is almost exclusively human.


The town is run by a Praefect, a government official who answers to the Vizier of the region. Due to the smaller scale of the town, the administration is usually done by the Praefect and a handful of scribes.

Founding Date
1011 T.E.
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Exalted Dominion of Thumos

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