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The capital of the Middle Realms, Mitdorf is a sprawling city formed near the meeting point of the continent's two largest rivers, Alma and Detria. In contrast to the high-rise pompous buildings of the Golden Towers, architecture of Mitdorf is much more modest, mostly focusing on being practical rather than good-looking. At the city's heart lies the Palace of Dominion, within which the Council of Six meets regularly.   Other points of intrest would without a doubt include Mitdorf's Chapterhouse of the Knights, dubbed the Crucible, as well as the College of Magic, the single biggest institute of magic learning on the entire continent. Within the Crucible lies the Cathedral of Helm, which serves as a seat for the Traditionalist branch of the church. The Crucible stands on the square of Solomon Skyfarer, which is also home to some of the greatest of mercenary companies of the continent. The Hansa, Midlands' counterweight to the Empire's Trade Union also has it's representatives withing the city walls.   Being an important trade crossroads between the dwarves and the rest of civilization has brought a sizable population of dwarves to the city. These dwarves have established their own quarter, located in the North-East.


A meeting point of civilizations, Mitdorf's species palette is various, sometimes to the point of exotics.


The city falls under the rule of the Arch-Duke, this title is currently held by Albreid Banister, who also leads the meetings of the Council of Six.


A ring of walls was built during the early years of the city, but it soon was deemed obsolete by the cities rapid growth. A separate circle of walls runs around the Crucible.


From the vast stretches of rich farmlands surrounding the town, through carrying goods and commerce on the river boats and almost permanent construction of additional houses and other infrastructure, the city is awake with a permanent buzz of business.


A truly sizable medieval metropolis with all of the implications that it bears. A sizable portion of the town is supported by a sewer system built long ago while the newer, more "temporary" buildings have to make to with a more natural approach to waste disposal.


A vast number of stores and markets as well as a riverside dock.

Guilds and Factions

The most significant of factions of the capital are: the Knights of the Triumvirate, the Conglomerate of Mages, the traditionalist Church, the Zhantarim, the Hansa and many other smaller organizations, including mercenary companies.


Founded upon the ashes of a battle fought during the Dragon Prince War, Mitdorf has existed on the congruence of two major rivers for more than two centuries. This whole time, it was a major hub of all things aligned with civilization, and soon became the biggest city of the north.


In comparison to some of the more pompous and grand settlements of the Empire, the builders of Mitdorf seem to have adopted a more modest and to-the-point approach about architecture. Only a few buildings rise above the usual rooftop height of a two story detached house, which are very common for the capital. Houses of more influential people are made of stone, this is true for the majority of the houses in the center of town. Approaching the outskirts, wooden housing becomes more common.


Lies in a plains region, adjacent to the congruence of two major rivers. The riverside plains are a great place for bountiful harvest of crops, attracting many a farmer.

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