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How can one describe Ataiina? Well, how can one describe earth? Both are diverse and full, albeit not all of Ataiina has been exposed to our world quite yet. Ataiina is bright and hopeful, yet there lies darkness in it, just as darkness lies in all worlds. This world is all not gritty and dark, but does not shy away from those aspects of itself.   Ataiina’s primates all have horns, save dwarves and those descended from them, such as elves, humans, and the long extinct halfling. Of the sapient species only the orcish species retain this ancestral trait, and so are misunderstood as savage and primal beings. This could be true for one orc species, but the other couldn’t be less so. Northern orcs are the most compassionate and intelligent beings there are. When they aren’t in heat.   Magic is everywhere in Ataiina, but it is not unlimited. Magic energy contrasts with the mundane. All children have their cell’s slowly fill with this magic energy starting from their first breath of air, and by the time they are 5 their full magic potential is shown. Those of the less magical species will only receive enough of this magical energy to live to 100, while the elves and dwarves contain so much that they have the privilege of living to 300 and 500 respectively.   Ataiina’s energy is like a long string entangling all matter. The manipulation of this energy is what we call magic. A magic user extends their magic out and grabs onto it like a crochet hook. They can pull the string, vibrate it, tie to another string, and even sever it. But they cannot work with string that is not there, and if they try to force it then that needed energy will come from their own bodies. If it required more energy then their body had, then they die.   Fire is the most common form of magic. Most individuals can instinctively make fire by the age of 5. Because of this, fire making tools have never been common and their use has been almost exclusively for the lowest of society; paucities. Those who cannot use magic whether that be because their lack the magic itself, or because they lack the sense to feel it.  
Ataiina was inspired by a need to see *regular* people in fantastical settings. How does magic change the lives of the average citizen? How does the presence of magic and fantasy species change otherwise common mundane plots?   I will be posting nude pictures of sapient species, but will not be posting pornographic art here even when they are related to Ataiina. There will however, be frank discussions of sexuality and how it affects culture. If you want to avoid this discussion, then skip the sexuality sections of sapient species pages, and completely avoid the pages about my klaarii (orcs) as their ranking systems requires talk of sex. Other instances of sexuality will be clearly marked before even clicking the article.