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56 Grawan 4517 Jer Dera (56G4517JD)

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sɛlɑmɑt dɑtɑŋ gɛnuk
sɛyɑ' pʁɛdn ɲɛ
] tiŋ'lɑɑk kiɯt͡s
sɛyɑɦɑ tɑli tɑɯix
ɦoʃɑrtɑ ɦɑv
Selamat datang, Genuk!
Seya' preden nye.
Ting 'laak kiwz.
Seyakha tali tawix.
Khosharta khav.
Greetings, youngling!
Please, be not anxious.
Choose to stay.
Make yourself comfortable.
Hospitality practiced/expected.
    You may not be aware...of what this world is, what it is about. Let Usme tell you a story...

  First, let Meus create an-stede sakrim.

A sacred place, in which the speaker and the listener join together in mutual respect. IWe come prepared to tell this tale. You come prepared to listen. WeI are blessed by the gift of story given. You are blessed by the gift of story received and return the blessing by this reception.

Se haren libam.
Se kharen libam.
Se kharost libam
The Breath of life
The Word of Life
The Spirit of Life
Always The WORD
"As Athena was born of Zeus, so was Ouahe born of man. Or rather, of his machines. Machines, large and small, moving worlds, moving atoms. Every creation is born twice; first in the mind of the creator, then in the realm of reality. So too Asulon. But not of the mind of "man"...not always, not directly."
Thus the legends would have it, anyway.   It is said that within every legend is some kernel of truth, but over time it becomes nigh impossible to know what is truth and what is tale. This legend, this story, is no different. No one on the entire planet truly knows what that seed of reality might actually be.   So many questions arise just from this snippet!   Who was this Athena? And Zeus? And what is this "man"?   WeI know of machines--creations of anSebban (the Sapient, the Sofont, the Wise)...the wheel, the lever, the miracle of the forge, the miracles of medicine and herbs. Which of these move worlds? Or atoms, whatever they may be?   Bah! Such fantasies beggar the mind.   The only apparent truth in this bit is a well-known saying, which is born of this legend:   "All creation is twice born." First in the mind of The Creator, then by the Creator's Hand in the realm of reality.   Again, what is this "man"? No one knows (or much cares, to be honest). Did it have a mind? Was it sentient, let alone sapient? Scholars question--how else can the last line of the stanza be understood? "Not always"? "Not directly?"   Pah! Let the scholars quibble of such things.   It is enough that we can know what we know of our worlds, and make no mistake, although we share one physical existence, all sebb inhabit different worlds. What do the Glidewar  truly know of the ways of the Uxi (species:88f4bb0e-a917-449f-805a-79233c48900a)? What do the @[Chitra actually ken of the Bugul? And what do the ahl Trukan understand of the watery world of the ahl Lokhar?    And truly, what does a youngling know of the world of its granthers gone... until it itself becomes such an ancestor?   Even the gods do not tell us of such things.   Garaihtjan! It is only right!

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