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Astral Empires

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It's finally time for peace and prosperity in the galaxy, or so it seems!   As the dust slowly settles after the turmoil of the Colonial Wars, new opportunities arise under the Pax Imperialis for restless individuals and organisations.   Most of the previously independent planets are now part of an empire or some federation.   And while the three Great empires proclaim they have settled their scores for good, not everyone is happy with the new status quo.   As the spaceships cross the deep space, fortunes are made and lost, secrets come to light and are lost forever, alliances are forged and crumble, life and death ever so close to each other.   Welcome to the world of the Astral Empires!   Are you ready to explore the world, discover amazing places and learn its lore? Will the fearsome Amazons enchant you or will you be amazed by the might and majesty of the Donians? Is everything business-as-usual to you or uncovering secrets of the past is your trade? Beware however because innocence is long lost and drawing too much attention to yourself can be dangerous!