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The Imperial Council

The governing body of The Great Astral Empire is the council in which participate the rulers of the Metropolitan (home) planets. These rulers fashion themselves as Starlords and Starladies in Denorian fashion. Their collective honorific is "Their Excellencies, the Imperial Council". However the individual rulers retain the position and titles of their respective planets.   Jokes abound about a collective entity running an empire but the Imperial Council has actually proved quite efficient. This is mainly because the Denorians are efficient bureaucrats and entrepreneurs and they have succeeded in streamlining their home planets and their empire into an efficient whole. The Imperial Council is thus quite happy to leave the micro-management and day to day operations to the imperial administration.   The Imperial Council rules mainly through "Imperiums" and "Ordinatia Imperialis" which are the main ways their rulings and decisions are called. These pass down to the bureaucracy of the empire for implementation and action.   There are some specialised roles in the council that help the coordination and running of the empire. These are called High Seats of the Empire and are held exclusively by members of it.   The most important with their respective holders are:


Starlords - Starladies High Seats of the Council

Public Agenda

Govern the Empire

Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Parent Organization
The Great Astral Empire

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