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Starlady Eleanna Goldenheart

Her Majesty, Starlady Eleanna, Augusta Queen of Leder Eleanna Maria Goldenheart

Starlady Eleanna is a second-generation Denorian born in exile. Her mother became the queen of a small and insignificant planet. Her exceptional skills and her determination transformed the planet in a well populated, rich kingdom.   This resulted in a series of raids from other planets and outlaws so the queen developed a strong army as well as giving her daughter and heir a sound military training (in Esser actually) and setting her to lead the army.   The queen died just before the proclamation of The Great Astral Empire leaving her daughter to continue her work.   Eleanna proved a great strategist and tactician, personally leading the forces of the Imperials in many instances, earning admiration and recognition.   She is was proposed for the High Seat of top commander of the Imperial Army by none other than Starlord George Mirely himself!

Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Marshal of the Empire Augusta Queen of Leder
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
The Great Astral Empire

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