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Although its existence is undeniable and its history documented, it is surprisingly hard to get any real information on this establishment of the old Astral Empire. It is as if it just ceases to exist with the fall of the Denorian Kingdoms.     The Librarium officially was an institution of knowledge, offering guidance to the leaders of the old Astral Empire. Most Librarians were advisors to the old Starlords and academics. They had great influence and enjoyed a high place in the Denorian society.   There were voices however, accusing the Librarium of shady practices, oppression and cruelty.   The Denorians today are very reluctant to talk about it and it is clear that at least for some of them it has a sinister reputation. The Great Astral Empire has officially declined to comment on anything connected to the Librarium.

Political, Faction / Party
Parent Organization
The Great Astral Empire

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