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Imperial Astral Army

Although one of the big winners of the Colonial Wars The Great Astral Empire began reorganising its army even before the Imperial Pact was signed based on the lessons learned during the war and the shortcomings that were identified.   The aim of The Imperial Council was to create an army as effective and efficient as possible. To achieve this, they didn't hesitate to scrap everything and start from scratch.   The old metropolitan-centered and based were gone and completely new armies were created. The old officer's corps was reshuffled and common training and conscripting was established. Rules, doctrines and every other aspect of the army was standardised and the end result was the new Imperial Army of the Empire, consisting of 10 identical Armies.   Each Army is based in a planet which provides all the relevant infrastructure. These planets are not the home planets as in almost every other empire but specifically chosen to ensure rapid and optimal deployment in case of war.

Military, Army
Parent Organization
The Great Astral Empire

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