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Imperial Amazonian Army

"There is no such thing as an Army of The Great Amazonian Empire" is a common joke among military experts highlighting the fact that the army of this empire is in fact an amalgamation of the individual armies of the amazon kingdoms.   Each Amazon Queen maintains her own army in her planet and when the need arises leads it to war, often in person. Of course the individual armies cooperate in the field (at least they are supposed to) and some degree of standardization has been achieved.   Individual units from various planets are often thrown together to form task forces under the leadership of senior officers but it seldom happens at a level below regiment.   A great number of services and organisations that answer directly to the Empress try to ensure that the armies of the AmazonsAmazonsAmazons operate as coherently as possible.   But make no mistake, despite their organisational shortcomings, the Amazons are a formidable opponent in the field and it would be a great mistake to underestimate their fighting power.   The exact size of the army is not known even to the Amazons themselves as their conscript system (or rather the lack of) is almost unique in the Galaxy. In fact each Amazon is supposed to be a warrior and is trained in arms and fighting from a young age. In theory at least an Amazon Queen has as many soldiers as subjects. However in practice it has proven that they can only field about 30% of the active population (which is still a huge number).   A much smaller standing army is usually available for operations at any time. These forces are semi-professional and consist mostly of professional soldiers and the nobility which also provides most of the officers' corps.

Military, Army
Parent Organization
The Great Amazonian Empire
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