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GPV012 by State Yards

The GPV012 is by far the most successful commercial spaceship ever built and its huge popularity helped make State Yards the leading intergalactic space vehicle manufacturer.   Hugely popular with individual merchants and small to medium sized companies, its fair price, reliability and easy adaptation to virtually every task (even ones that the manufacturer had never thought) this small "freighter" has earned the nickname "Space Van".   In its basic form it provides relatively comfortable working and living space for up to 5 people and a cargo hold with a capacity of 10 standard units. Part of its huge success is that the design is mostly modular and the cargo hold can be readily adapted to any use with off-the-shelf components. There are many manufacturers offering a wide variety of ready to install modules, transforming the GPV012 to whatever you have in mind.   State Yards offer some variations of the basic model, most popular is the GPV012P that is outfitted as a medium range passenger transport. Of note is also the GPV012R that has become the standard vehicle for transporting precious cargo, used by almost every security company out there.   One of the huge advantages over similar vehicles is that it has installed a full complement of flight and navigational computers making it totally possible to operate with just one person. Also, as the vehicle lacks the capability of carrying weapons it is cleared for sale everywhere. Its only shortcoming is the lack of surface landing capabilities a design decision that helped keep the price low as the same manufacturer's GPV112 proves, which is essentially a GPV012 with landing capability that costs twice as much and lacks its versatility.   Needless to say that it is the preferred vehicle for less than legal activities too and there are many modifications that turn it into a perfect smuggler's ship.

Weapons & Armament


Armor and defense

Space Van
Reliability and Flexibility
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Up to 4 Passengers (depending on crew), 10 SUs of cargo

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