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Colonial Wars

The colonial wars started in 11020SE effectively when the newly fledged Astral Empire started claiming planets with strategic resources. The other empires and planets followed along and military operations escalated.   Independent planets soon found themselves easy pray for the big coalitions as the InterGalactic Council could offer only moral support.   By 11022SE the galaxy had been more or less divided between the empires and the other coalitions when The Great Amazonian Empire decided that The Great Astral Empire had grown too much. A war between them ensued which after a year of hard fighting ended in defeat for the Amazons. The war had the additional effect of strengthening the ties between the planets of The Great Astral Empire.   By then it was apparent to the winners of the Colonial Wars that nothing more could be gained and war between them would only endanger their gains.   So in 11023SE the Imperial Pact was signed, ending the wars and establishing the present-day situation.

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