CW: Mention of executions

Born with the ability to see, manipulate, and harness the Aurora Spectrum, Spectrumborne are individuals inflicted with such talents due to their exposure to the Spectrum. While most try to hide it from Au'ralayan society, due to the constant hate riots and slanderous propaganda, others choose to embrace it.  
Such individuals can grow up to become apart of the A.U.R.O.R.A Creed, part of the Hue Binders, or even just keep to themselves. Using the gifts given to them to help their own goals and needs instead of the collective around.

Transmission & Vectors

Being a Spectrumborne is only acquired via contact with the Aurora Spectrum. Whether it's with timed exposure, having a child born within the Spectrum, or via the infectious talons, claws, and beaks of the Spectrum's creatures.
While a spectrum-borne cannot infect or inflict their condition onto others, it is prominent in blood and genetic relation. Au'ralayan society currently has three Spectrumborne noble houses: The Maz House, the Fao'li House, and the Yignot House. These houses are chock full of Spectrumborne children, maids, parents, and even some Spectrumborne squires.


In the early stages of infection, if the Au'ralayan individual wasn't born Spectrum-borne, then they will lose something so the condition can set in. The more prominent the condition, the more the cost is.
For the individual who was born with the condition, they will already have lost something during their growth. This will more often enhance their Spectrumborne condition, as it reconfigures their genetics in the womb. For example, the Inquisitor Axel Genesis, was born with this condition, losing the ability to see normally. But in return, he was gifted with the ability to see and manipulate an individual's aura.
For those inflicted with the condition by the Spectrum's creatures will more than likely lose something lesser than them. This could be a finger, some toes, maybe even one eye. But in return, they will be granted an affinity to the associated spectrum creature that inflicted the condition. This is a common ritual among the Hue Binders, due to the most common trait among them being the ability to control the creatures from the Spectrum.


The first and most notable symptom of being Spectrumborne is the toll inflicted on the individual. This could be a missing limbs organs, senses, and even the loss of one's own spirit.
Another very common symptom is the physical manifestation of the spectrum when being used by a Spectrumborne. This can almost look like warped colorful air around the Spectrumborne


Treating the Spectrumborne of their condition has proved rather... fruitless, resulting in either dead Spectrumborne, or riots to defense Spectrumborne rights.
Currently, there is no known cure for being Spectrumborne, other than death.


The most common way to prevent being Spectrumborne is to avoid the Aurora Spectrum and the creatures associated with it. Prevention of the inherited version of Spectrumborne is harder as only death can truly get rid of the condition.


The history of the condition is a relatively new documented subject. Since the previous records from the past were destroyed to due the Hue Binders' raids on the Caduceus Library.

Cultural Reception

Au'ralay as a collective has mixed views on the subject of Spectrumborne with some hating and even doing public ██████████; while others choose to accept them and bring them into the fold. Currently, the Au'ralayan Monarchies have yet to decide on the subject.
  Word On The Street
There have been rumors saying the monarchies are leaning toward protecting individuals and even giving the Spectrumborne just as many rights as non-Spectrumborne.

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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