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Asteria Great Land of the North

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Spanning between the Giant's Sea in the east and the Fallen Ocean in the west, the continent of Asteria spans over 5.3 million square kilometres and is home to a vast variety of cultures, religions, countries, and conflicts. To the north lies the Great North Archipelago, and to the south lies the continent of Aramers, also known as the Elflands.    The south and southeast of the country are home to the elven populations of Ilheamsamar and Shauld'tar, both of which occupy the Seldian Rainforests. Surrounding the rest of the Faldanian Sea and south of the Inaji Mountains are Lelloen Thaxinia, Figania, and Gilleacad, four countries with complex, interwoven histories and long lineages of both elves and humans mixing through trade and travel along the coast. The city of Tarithlas, Ilheamsamar ranks 3rd and on the continent in terms of size, and Ilheamsamar is the most populated state on the continent with over 7.2 million inhabitants with Figania coming in 3rd at 4 million.    Along the east coast are three peaceful, relatively isolated countries protected from politics by their own strength and the Drogo Mountains that span their length. The Giants of Gzihr Don, Dwarves of Nulgath, and Humans of Skonia all live together in peace in the region known locally as the Mozna Aghzirg, the Great Descent. Gzihr Don is the fourth largest state on the continent with 3.7 million inhabitants, while Nulgath is the smallest with only 143,000.    Much like the east coast, the west coast is a peaceful, prosperous land. The Kingdom of Yab, a superpower that occupies much of western and central Asteria, is the largest country by area and has a population comparable to that of Ilheamsamar. At 961km2 it surpasses the next largest territory, Kuria, by nearly 500,000km2. South of Yab lies Heria, an independent, isolated country with a language and culture unlike that of the rest of the continent. Bila, the capital of Heria, is the third largest city in the world with 71,000 inhabitants.   Central Asteria is ruled by Yab in the west and Lexo in the east, the latter the third largest country by area with a capital city, Koga, that is the second largest city with 93,000 inhabitants. The smaller countries of Jehdah and Fedar, both religious states, enjoy the protection of Lexo and Yab against the encroaching southern territories. Much of the rest is controlled by the expanded territories of Kuria and Zurniya, sister states that offer protection from the north.    Northern Asteria is the most conflict-ridden thanks to the now-centuries-long war being waged south by Solisia and its church. With powerful allies in the countries of Katomi and Ventia, Solisia has been targeting Yab and, most recently, Theosinia, which defected from Solisia over the belief that the religion cannot condone the violent methods of conversion utilized. Somewhat beyond the politics of the rest of the continent are the regions of Dorterre, Ma'no'fe, and Nunasaaq. Dorterre maintains near complete neutrality, as it is a young country with a young government and the countries that border it are not interested in taking its land. Ma'no'fe, the land of the dragons, is inhospitable and human infrastructure only exists in the very south, connecting Doreterre to Skonia. Nunasaaq occupies most of the Northern Sea and Archipelago, which both have their own politics. Nunasaaq is an ancient and powerful country that Solisia has learned several times it cannot defeat.

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