Entry 1


I don't remember how I got here or who or where am I, but as soon as I opened my eyes in this mysterious place, I knew what I was supposed to do.

I was in an island with a lighthouse in the middle of it. The island floated in the middle of nowhere, darkness surrounded it with speckles of different coloured light. Solar wind blew softly around this place, yet nothing seemed to care about it. The wind almost felt like a song to my ears as I started walking towards the lighthouse and climbed the stairs toward its lantern. As if I had been doing it all my life, I opened it first try.

The night was unsetting and from the top of the lighthouse I saw a person floating so close from the island that I felt I could reach it from the island's borders. I went down the stairs, maybe that person could have some answers for me but when I got down, they were nowhere to be seen.

As the night passed, it only become stranger. I started to feel like I was missing something and searched around the lighthouse for the something. Only then I saw that the lighthouse had a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and other rooms which turned the place into a comfortable house. The feeling of missing something suddently disappeared when I found a paper next to a notebook. I guess I should record what happens here in the notebook, might be a good exercise to keep me distracted during the day... I wonder how days work in here... I found a calendar, at least I'll know what day is it?

The rest of the night passed quickly, and although some stuff appeared on or near the island, it was mainly calm:

The keeper must keep the light shining continuously from sunset to sunrise The keeper must ensure the lighthouse is well-kept and maintained The keeper must be vigilant over the light The keeper must keep good notes on their duties and observations. You are the current keeper of the lighthouse at the edge of the universe. Together, you and the lighthouse must weather the night.

  • A strange bird arrived with some seeds, but after giving me the seeds, it flew away. I guess it had places to be, I hope it travels safe and sound.
  • I saw the rests of a spaceship floating nearby, some of its parts fell to the island, they might be useful if I ever need to fix some stuff. I also found a journal inbetween the debris, its state isn't good but hopefully I'll read it soon.
  • While storing the debris, some more appeared out of nowhere. In the middle of it there was a strange animal but unfortunately it was dead. I buried the animal and throw the debris outside the island, it was too damaged to even be used.

This night has been weird but as the stars seem to flash brighter I guess the night is coming to its end. I have so many questions and no answers, but what I do in here feels so natural.

Maybe soon I'll have answers...


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