Aster's Lighthouse

This is a place to record down my entries for "The lighthouse at the edge of the universe", a solo journalling game.

The lighthouse was an ordinary structure, except for the fact that it was balanced on the very edge of the universe. It had, some speculated, been standing since the universe began. Maintained by a solitary keeper, the lighthouse has been keeping travellers and spaceships from falling off the edge. Its steady beam can be seen galaxies away and is used as a guiding star for navigators.

You are the current keeper of the lighthouse. Whatever happens, you must keep the light running. You and the lighthouse live perched on the edge of the universe. It is a rocky, mostly barren place (it would look like any rocky island back on earth) where it is beaten by solar winds and sometimes run into by space whales. Not all of it is terrible though, high in the top of the lighthouse you get to witness strange lights dance, the solar winds whispering fortunes in your ears, shoals of sky fish migrating past. Maybe you'll find some solitude and peace in the under the dark, lonely sky. Sometimes a lone traveller may even cross your path.