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Ar Darrial

"Nothin' bad ever happens in Ar Darrial. We're just too outta the way."
Geoff of Ar Darrial
    Ar Darrial is a quaint village situated along the banks of the Valan’thuun, between the realms of Senthos and Por’Ralak. It is both a farming and hunting village of simple common folk that rarely sees any sort of action. Occasionally the odd bandit raid or feral beast attack may occur, but these are quickly quelled by the military garrison present.   In its centre, the town boasts a large Chapel of Darrius, wherein most villagers go to attend prayer. Almost everyone in Ar Darrial follows the Darrian Belief and preach loyalty to his crown. Other landmarks include: the Trader's Market, Old Gerin's Smithy and Shaan's Pond.


Designated aeldorman: Gregory of Ar Darrial
Desginated Guard-Captain: Trenton of Fall Meadow  
As mandated Crown lands, Ar Darrial is subject to taxation under Crown law and forfeiture of a percentage of exports. In times of strife and war, the Crown may take complete seizure of land and goods when necessary to maintain the greater good of the realms and its people.
  It's community is a tight knit one that knows each other by name. Aeldorman Gregory is the village’s leader and is highly respected by all who live there. His father was aeldorman before him and his grandfather before that. He maintains responsibility over civil matters and concern while the Crown garrison - under command of Guard-Captain Trent - handles affairs of law. Often they work together and any disputes are reconciled quickly.   However, members of the Trader's Coalate in Ar Darrial hold unspoken power and quickly look to be taking over. They are known for bringing the village onto the trading map by exporting produce and allowing the Steppenfarer nomads to come and trade daily. Many travelers do pass through Ar Darrial on their way to Por’Ralak and further east and so commerce has become a healthy new profession to invest in.

Industry & Trade

The Trader’s Market is a somewhat large square where nomads are encouraged to come and hawk their goods to those passing through. They are required to give a percentage of their earnings to the Trader's Coalate in Ar Darrial for selling here. Nomads frequently sell strange and wondrous things, often wares they have found out of the pleins or they've made themselves.


Split along its river, the eastern and western farms are bountiful year round. Ar Darrial is known for its beautiful orchards, blossoming fields and juicy produce. Farming is very much ingrained in the culture of the village and is seen as its noblest profession, second only perhaps to hunting. This constant competition between the two has caused the village to divide itself into two sections: the Hunters’ and Farmers’ Gather respectively. While there is a playful rivalry between the two professions, it is always in good spirit.   Ar Darrial is under the protection of the Crown and as such has a humble garrison for its troops. Numbering in the low double digits, these guards keep to the barracks mostly seeing as there isn’t frightfully much to do in the village itself. Most of the time they can be found playing games of chance in either the Boar & Apple or their lodgings along the Easterfarms. Prospective workers may also be able to find work posted outside the barracks’ notice board.   The Boar & Apple inn is said to be as old as Ar Darrial itself, named after the village’s split affinity for hunting boar and harvesting apples. This is the best, and only, location to get a good drink, better food and a warmer bed. Local entertainment is provided in the evenings with a different member of the village performing every other night, doing whatever it is they wish. Be it from singing and dance to displays of sword play and skill.   Old Gerin’s Smithy would be the place to get armoured and take up arms but it has been conscripted and contracted by law of the Crown to outfit its soldiers. Those who are not serving in the Arm of the Crown cannot make orders as Gerin must meet quotas for other troops.   Every year before the closing of the final season, Ar Darrial and its inhabitants become embroiled in deep and fervent preparation for the Feast of Fallen Apple. An annual celebration of the village’s founding by Shaan. The feast is named such in commemoration of the day Shaan was struck on the head by a falling apple, marking the place of the first home in Ar Darrial.   Many landmarks lie beyond Ar Darrial. Shaan’s pond is a particularly popular spot frequented by the locals who go to pay their blessings to the statue of Shaan - the original founder of the village calling it Ar’Shaan, before it was changed to Ar Darrial. South is the Cuspwood, named so because it is the northern most cusp of the Halatian Forest. This stretch of the forest is relatively safe as it is only roamed by wild animals such as deer and boar. While to the north lies the barren Steppenpleins of Ralak. There isn’t much here and without the proper guidance one could get lost wandering its grassy expanse. To the east lies the larger farming village of Fall Meadow, while to the west lies one of the last elven bounds: Elensarin.


  • Chapel of His Light: Ministered by Deacon ---, the chapel was constructed around Shaan's Oak.
  • Crown Barracks: Under command of Guard-Captain Trenton, the barracks exist as a symbol of law and order in Ar Darrial as well as a place of respite for its soldiers.
  • Old Gerin's Smithy: (Currently under conscription) The blacksmith, owned by the titular Gerin of Brakkenfal. Sells mundane weaponry of good quality workmanship.

Guilds and Factions

While Ar Darrial is content with a simple life devoid of politics, the newly arrived Trader's Coalate have been changing the village into a hub for trade along the Way-to-the-Wall and the Meadow's Tread. The traders are willing enough to submit to Crown law and protection but many can see they wish to control the flow of coin coming in and out of the village. A motive the residents are not all too pleased with.


The Valan'thuun river bisects Ar Darrial effectively separating the main cohort of residents from the commercial spaces. Apart from this, the village is situated on an open plain with a dense thicket of woodland on the southern edge - leading into the Cuspwood.   While not part of Ar Darrial, the Cuspwood is teeming with wildlife like boar, deer and hare. The village's hunters will venture in here to go about their business.

Natural Resources

Ar Darrial is considered resource rich for several reasons:
  • A steady supply of lumber from the Cuspwood
  • Wheat from the fields of its surrounding outskirts
  • Fresh produce from boundless apple orchards
  • Quality game meat, caught from within the Cuspwood


Alternative Name(s)
Inhabitant Demonym

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