The Crimson Blades

The Crimson Blades are a mercenary organisation operating within the Malvarron Empire. However, their role in the formation of The Crimson Order means their history is much more complex than this simple explanation suggests.  


  Prior to the Vanguard Revolution 1331 the Blades were considered nothing more than an average band of cut-throat contractors. Little is known about the specificity of their affairs, though it is assumed that like many mercenary groups in Astaeria, they earned their keep providing a number of services for anyone with a willingness to part with their coin. These services often ranged from pest control to thievery and from wildlife ‘culls’ to assassinations.   However, there were a plethora of rumours their members were up to their necks with shady dealings; including drugs, illegal arms dealing, and people smuggling.  

A Role in the Revolution

  During the planning stage of the 1331 revolution, the Crimson Blades, under the leadership of Amarell Tallo, were recruited to assist the General and his loyalists in their attempt to overthrow the Duchy of Tarryn. Due to their past experience, the Blades became responsible for certain missions of a ‘delicate nature.’ These missions are reported to have included the assassination of certain nobles who remained loyal to the Tarryn dynasty, the stealthy transportation of arms and weaponry to key strategic bases and to diversion tactics.   Amarell Tallo committed the Blades to the General's planned revolution as a political move. The Blades had suffered economically and operationally, under the rule of Duke Tarryn and many members of the group had been driven out of the capital by the City Watch who had developed new magical techniques to detect criminal activity within the city.   General Malvarro had promised Amarell a position of power in the new regime and a greater role for the Blades as a state allied organisation, if they assisted the rebellion. When the revolution was complete, however, that promise faded into the ether.  

A Promise Broken

  With the conclusion of the revolution, the Blades, as it turned out, were side-lined in the new regime. With Augustas reverting on his promise, Amarell was furious. He retracted the Blade’s support for the empire and refused any empire aligned missions and jobs.   The Blades attempted to revert back to their mercenary roots, picking up odd jobs whilst attempting to rebuild their underground network that had been torn apart under Duke Tarryn’s regime. However, their work was driven further underground and many prominent criminal groups refused to work with them due to their previous ties with the state.   Meanwhile, Amarell’s younger brother, and fellow blade Sergio, had been involved with secret dealings on behalf of the Emperor’s youngest son Lucianno without the knowledge of Emperor Augustas or Amarell. These dealings were largely intelligence missions entrusted to him and a handful of his most trusted Crimson Brothers.  

The Crimson Pact

  Following Augustas’ assassination in 1881 A.E, Lucianno, the newly appointed Emperor, had openly approached Sergio Tallo with a deal.   Emperor Lucianno knew that support for the regime was taking a hit, largely due to the fact his father had gotten crueller with age. He was also aware of the rumours regarding a resistance movement which was rapidly becoming public knowledge. He needed to quash any plans for attempted rebellions whilst he dealt with the perceived ‘Magi threat.’ The last thing the regime needed was rebels stirring up sympathy amongst disillusioned citizens.   The Emperor needed someone. Someone that he knew he could trust to be discreet, and the Blades had demonstrated a great deal of skill in the run up to the revolution. With this in mind, Lucianno had asked Sergio to pledge his service to the Crown in exchange for some high paying contractual work for him and trusted members of the Blades. These streamlined Blades known as the The Crimson Order would assist the Emperor in maintaining peace within the capital, and as a reward Sergio would be given a place on the Emperors advisory council as a military commander and leader of Crimson Blades.   However, there was a catch. Sergio would have to purge the group of his brother and those loyal to him. Remove those too blind to opportunity with their hearts and minds still out for vengeance following Augustas’ betrayal. But Sergio did not have it in his heart to kill his only family. He let Amarell go, ordering him to leave the city post haste or face the sword by morning. A move he would one day come to regret.  

The Real Crimson Blades

Real Crimson Blades Crest
  Following his withdrawal from the City of Malvarro, there is a rumour that Amarell Tallo and his group of loyalists have gone to ground and conducted themselves according to the 'old ways' of the mercenary group. Apparently calling themselves the ’The Real Crimson Blades,’ they are rumoured to have settled somewhere near the ruined City of D’aethron. However, the details are hazy as few individuals who encounter these so-called ‘Real Crimson Blades’ rarely escape with their lives.

Blood and Steel

Military, Mercenary Group
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