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The world of Aspesterra is a place where a menagerie of different cultures, cities, and countries live and thrive in a world of magic and adventure. However, the acceptance of that magic is a touchy subject, as long ago, there was a great tragedy that befell this world long ago. Once there was a great species called Elves that were seen as the most adept at magic in the entire world. Then, slowly, they started to dwindle in numbers until one day they were completely gone from all of Aspesterra. This led to many legends about how the elves were taken off of the world by the gods for their unnatural magic ability and the stigmatization of magic as a whole. And in the current age, many people and places don't even remember the elves existed, much less why they dislike magic. There are, however, rare sightings of beings, seemingly human, with elongated ears and canines wandering on the edges of towns and roads. There are also whispers of an organization in the world. People of different species have been going missing in the countries, magic users in particular. No one currently knows where it is, or what their goals are, but the people do know one thing. Do not mess with them.