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Ashton Family


The Ashton family maintains two homesteads: one in the Northeastern United States (Pennsylvania?) and one in the Southwestern United States (in New Mexico). These are the only two "territories" they claim, though there are Ashtons with homes and property in various worlds.


Although, as a family, the Ashtons do not have a formal military, all Ashtons who take part in the family legacy are trained in skills such as combat, survival, teamwork, diplomacy, etc. Some leaders in other worlds have even sent select ambassadors to the Ashton complex in order to learn from them, as the Ashton family's tight-knit network and unified front make them a force to be reckoned with.

Foreign Relations

The Ashton family is well known through many worlds, and in several worlds (Tarth being the most notable) they're recognized as an official governing body (since Earth's major governments are unaware of the gateways, worlds like Tarth choose to consult the guardian families on affairs concerning Earth). Although there are several major guardian families on Earth, the Ashton family is the most well-known and widely known.


The Ashtons have a unique system of education for younger members of the family. Those who live on the New Mexico homestead are homeschooled (partly by necessity, as there is no school nearby), and are guided through a unique curriculum which mixes the subjects typical of Earth with all the Ashton's vast knowledge on the gateways and the worlds beyond them. The Ashtons also gather regularly for family-strengthening challenges in which older members of the family (in this time, typically Judah and Eamon) separate everyone currently on the complex into teams and set a task for them to complete
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Training Level
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

  • 1927


    Founding of New Mexico Homestead

    On this date, Ansel and Rabekah Ashton moved onto their newly acquired property far into the Gila mountains. Purchased due to the numerous gates it contained, Ansel and Rebekah begin building their homestead (with the help of family) to be able to guard the nearby gateways. This homestead grew with their family, until this complex housed dozens of the Ashton family and rivaled the Old Ashton home in size and importance.


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