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Our Story Begins in Middle March...

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Welcome to Ashnuw...

  ...a land created by Christian Live Action Roleplay (C-LARP). We're a group of passionate roleplayers, nerds, writers--you name it--who love to use our God-given and Christ-redeemed gift of imagination. Together, we have established our own kingdoms, races, characters and adventures in the land of Ashnuw.   On World Anvil, not only do we chronicle our kingdoms and world lore, but we also record recaps of our IRL games, our online roleplay transcripts, and original prose. Here you will find tales from the Ancient Pale War and the forming of the Borax Uldek, to present day, following Donindor's quests and the Order of Nehara against Pale.  

Where to Start?

  It depends on what you'd like to know...    
  • Explore and browse the World Codex at the bottom of this page for more world information on kingdoms, characters, races, technology and science.
  • And if you want to look up a quick description of any specific Character, Historical Figure, Group, Kingdom, Place, Item or Event, please enjoy our constantly updated Dictionary recording all things Ashnuw: Dictionary

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